Unfortunately, where we wanted to go, and where we were in the process, were two different points. We had a concept and we ‍‍‍had a design - we just were missing an ingredient for the next phase. Enter Matt, our engineer. Matt was the brain that took the drawings we sketched out and incorporated the ideas we had still in our minds.

We had to start some‍‍‍where.


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The hub was evolving with each rendition. Though we had built wheels using hubs before, designing hubs were an entirely different discipline.  Over the next few years, we studied their engineering aspects and physical attributes and benefits. With the help of 3D printing, we were able to keep our prototyping costs low, only needing to produce an actual aluminum prototype every few evolutions.

The intermediate design was still a bit heavy, but encompassed the new attributes that we were hoping for. Testing showed areas where we could improve, and even sparked a few new ideas for not only the first launch design, but it started sparking ideas for future versions.

The next step was the prototype of the "go to market" design. We discussed whether it would be advantageous to machine our design as close to the physical size as we wanted, to make it larger in order for smaller details being designed to be seen and understood. We went wi‍‍‍th the big one, and luckily, it still cleared Customs on our international flight.

From the outside, this hub was disguised to look similar to those out on the market. The functionality of the Phoenix was born out of the need to easily transfer a cassette from one wheel set to another without having to physically remove the cassette. Instead, with the removal of two lock rings, the end user will be able to remove the internal mechanism with the cassette still attached and transfer it to another rear wheel of their choice that is laced onto another outer hub shell.

What we found was a new application of a hub. It was now somet‍‍‍hing that worked with our customers, saving them time from changing cassettes, saving them from purchasing another cassette and many tools to complete the job, and saving them the cost of multiple rear hubs. A mere hub shell could be purchased for every rear wheel they owned.

Introducing...the Phoeni‍‍‍x Hub System™

Inner ‍‍‍shell

Outer shell‍‍‍

Lock rings‍‍‍